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NK_PEO_GRYA down economy places demands on every industry. But in transportation and logistics, where margins are already slim, EVERY dollar is critical.

PeopleNet, a leading mobile communications and fleet management company, can identify revenue opportunity within a fleet’s operations better than just about anyone in the industry, boasting an average $1.7M a year in ROI.

So who better than George Washington to generate buzz and awareness for this money-saving capability at an industry trade show? Attendees were all greeted with a large, blue paper George Washington head peaking out from under their hotel beds. On the back was a money-saving message and call-to action directing them to the PeopleNet booth for one-on-one meetings. Once they were on the trade show floor, attendees were handed single dollar bills with a sticker message covering the face of George. Large poster-like graphics and signage reinforced the theme all over the exhibit hall, and an animation of George peaking in and out of frame was looped on the monitors in the PeopleNet booth.

The message came through loud and clear, garnering a wealth of Professional Service assessments after the show.


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