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Other than medical tape, there is probably no other product that comes directly in contact with patient skin and that is used more widely in care settings than biomedical electrodes. And there are so many varieties and types that the use cases can be very confusing to clinicians. Not to mention they’re a commodity product with no perceived performance differentiation between competing brands.

3M set out to elevate the value of their leading portfolio of 3M™ Red Dot™ Electrodes. The intent was to change the perception of electrodes being a commodity and to make selection and use easier for clinicians, technicians and purchasing managers.

To make this relevant they needed to start a conversation with buyers that put electrodes (specifically Red Dot™) in a place of critical value to care settings.

I helped make that happen by crafting an overhauled Red Dot™ brand story [Watch the video Here] with an all new look and feel to the identity and packaging.

The messaging started the conversation with how “Small changes can make a big difference” and that “Using the right electrode matters”. This spoke directly to purchasing managers on how the optimized Red Dot™ portfolio could impact inventory costs. And the refreshed brand told clinicians that biomedical electrode performance now demanded their attention as a factor in achieving the best patient outcomes.

To help 3M stand out from the competition, the new brand was launched with a new brand video and photography that focused on the connections between care providers, electrodes and patients. In addition to the video, I directed the redesigned web properties, reference materials and sales collateral. And to help reinforce the value in the new Red Dot™ brand, a call-to-action underscored every touchpoint: Reach for the Red.

The strategy of repositioning electrodes from commodity to critical component not only launched the new Red Dot portfolio, it reinforced 3M’s established position as experts in biomedical electrodes. The refreshed brand gave 3M a thought leadership strategy for addressing other patient monitoring issues, such as alarm fatigue. By concentrating their offering, and elevating the conversation, the Red Dot™ electrodes team issued a challenge to hospitals and competitors alike: “We optimized. We recognized the importance of electrodes. You should, too.”

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