July 3, 1981: Nikolas creates his first representational drawing.

Labeled as fireworks, he referred to them as “boom-booms”.


Ever since that summer day (when Nikolas was only 22 months old), he has been communicating visually. And over the years he has developed, honed and expanded his skill-set to include industrial design, illustration, cartooning, animation, painting, sculpture, photography, video…and his livelihood, design and art direction.

Once described as “always having to draw himself out of a problem”, Nikolas applies his many visual talents to helping clients tell stories, define brands, create products and simplify complexity with contextually creative results.

When he’s not helping others realize their vision or telling their stories, he’s working on telling stories of his own, through the mediums of sequential art, painting and songwriting.

You can connect with Nikolas here.