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NK_IW_LGO_GRYProduct launch is a serious topic for Global Marketing and Product Marketing Managers—their very livelihood may hinge on the success of a particular product introduction.

In fact, many businesses today look to survive and thrive off of new product introductions—to keep themselves relevant to today’s ever-changing economic landscape. That can be a very heavy and anxiety-ridden subject to tackle from a marketing perspective, That’s why when Introworks (a B2B product launch marketer) set out to showcase their product launch expertise, they led with a fun and unique campaign to turn the ears of marketers and own the successful sound of launch: ShaaZOOMah!

Recipients of the campaign were sent a celebratory pennant with the word ShaaZOOMah on it together with a letter from the President of Introworks asking them if they’d like to hear the sound of a successful launch. The pennant and letter directed them to a microsite that showcased many different types of launch sounds, both good and bad. Also featured on the site was content describing Introworks’ launch methodology followed by a call to action to download the whitepaper “Six Key Factors for a Successful Launch”.

The experience of the campaign captured both the rigorous strategic thinking and breakthrough creativity that Introworks puts into all of their clients’ launches, which they have built their reputation on.

You can view the site here.

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